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New Healers (The)

Thursday, June 30th, 1977

NOVA explores the delibitating diseases that are often caused by poverty and follows two paths to health care in Tanzania and the United States.

Across the Silent Barrier

Thursday, June 23rd, 1977
Speed CarSpeed Car

Speed Car
NOVA explores the different means by which hearing-impaired people have learned to penetrate the world of the hearing by visiting with Kitty O’Neil—a woman record-holding speed car racer; Frances Parsons, an advocate of hearing-impaired persons’ rights; and workers at Silent Industries—a factory in Los Angeles founded by a deaf man.

Linus Pauling: Crusading Scientist

Thursday, June 2nd, 1977
Nuclear WeaponsNuclear Weapons

Nuclear Weapons
NOVA profiles Linus Pauling—the only person to have received two unshared Nobel Prizes for his work in nuclear weapons.