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Different Worlds

Thursday, April 29th, 1999

Travel back in time and space to witness the awesome forces that gave birth to the Sun and the far-flung family of planets that orbit it. From the rocky, superheated surface of Mercury, to the storm-wracked atmosphere of gigantic Jupiter and the distant mysteries of Pluto, this is a richly detailed introduction to the creation, composition and alien landscapes of The Planets.

U.S. Mints: Money Machines

Monday, April 26th, 1999

They are the physical engines of America’s money machine, secretive agencies that design and manufacture the greenbacks that keep the nation’s and the world’s economy moving. This episode ventures inside these vital fortresses for a privileged glimpse of the work of making money. From engraving to circulation, watch as fortunes are created in instants, and see how new bills are put into circulation. Hear from Philip N. Diehl, Director of the United States Mint, and Robert Chandler, a historian for Wells Fargo, as they trace the fascinating history of the government’s money business. And discover what the future may hold for American currency.

Gary Sinise

Sunday, April 25th, 1999

Actor Gary Sinise is profiled and interviewed about his career.

Kathy Bates

Sunday, April 4th, 1999

Actress Kathy Bates is profiled and interviewed about her career.