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I Am Driving While Black

Wednesday, October 27th, 1999

This special looks at the decade’s countless headline-making stories about young men and women of color being targeted, harassed, and, in extreme cases, brutally assaulted or killed by police officers.

Emergency Room

Monday, October 25th, 1999

One hundred million Americans will use an emergency room this year. From stitches to gunshot wounds, the flu to heart attacks, the men and women who work in these pressure-packed places are at the front line of the battle against death. This episode goes inside a busy emergency room to see how the paramedics, doctors and nurses work together. As the cameras roll, these real-life heroes fight a variety of ailments and injuries, constantly adjusting to the flow of new patients and swiftly changing situations. Trace the development of the machines that have transformed the face of emergency medicine, from the ambulance to the electrocardiograph, and see how medical techniques have evolved over the years. And find out why Mt. Everest may hold the key to the future of emergency medicine.

Mary Tyler Moore

Sunday, October 24th, 1999

Actress Mary Tyler Moore is profiled and interviewed about her career.


Monday, October 18th, 1999

Fortification evolved along with man’s need to defend his territory from attack. From hills surrounded by fences to walled cities to impenetrable castles, these strongholds of the past echo the history of battles for territorial control. Join us as we learn how, as weaponry grew in sophistication, those walls came tumbling down.

I’m a Hacker

Wednesday, October 13th, 1999

True Life tells the Truth about hackers

The Tool Bench: Hand Tools

Tuesday, October 12th, 1999

Well over 2-million years before modern man evolved, his primitive ancestors were making tools. The ability to extend the hand and strengthen the arm is considered one of the keys to human evolution. Join us as we nail down the history of hand tools, and look at a new generation of computer-designed, high-tech hand tools.

The Tool Bench: Power Tools

Monday, October 11th, 1999

The history of civilization could easily be measured in terms of our ability to make, use, and improve tools–an activity that is at least 4-million years old! At the tip of our toolmaking timeline are power tools. We’ll examine today’s power tool industry, which is booming thanks to more powerful, lighter, and quieter cordless tools.