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Julianne Moore

Sunday, December 22nd, 2002

Actress Julianne Moore is interviewed about her career.


Tuesday, December 17th, 2002

What do you think about when you gaze out the window as your plane takes off? Probably not about the least heralded part of our infrastructure–airport runways. But runways play a vital role as the backbone of aviation. They’re where rubber meets road and land gives way to sky. Did you know that airports like JFK train falcons to keep little birds from becoming a hazard to the big, shiny birds? Join us for an engrossing look at the brawny concrete and asphalt runways that make aviation possible.

Martin Scorsese

Sunday, December 15th, 2002

Director Martin Scorsese is interviewed about his career.

Sir Ian McKellen

Sunday, December 8th, 2002

Actor Ian McKellen is interviewed about his career.

Salt Mines

Thursday, December 5th, 2002

It’s in our blood, sweat, and tears. Join us as we dig up salt mining’s history–from the “white gold” on the table to the oceanic and underground deposits whence it came. Though today we take salt for granted, most life depends on it. Roman soldiers were sometimes paid in it–hence the word salary. And many slaves died procuring it.


Thursday, December 5th, 2002

DVD, CD, PDA, HDTV, PVR–they are the ultimate in “gotta have it” gadgets and gizmos and “to die for” technology that populate a digital world of acronyms. We trace digital technology back to the early 1940s and the first high-speed electronic computer used to calculate cannon trajectory charts for new artillery in WWII, and look at the rapidly approaching future in places such as MIT’s Media Lab, where tomorrow’s technologies are being developed today.


Wednesday, December 4th, 2002

Limousines have been stretched to greater and greater lengths–as has the notion of what can be done inside them! You can have a rolling disco in a stretched SUV, go for a rumble off-road in a monster truck limousine, or take a direct hit in an armored limo and still make your meeting. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride of your life as we review the history of chauffeured limousines–from weddings, proms, and funerals to the ultimate adult playpen and the president’s “Cadillac One”.

James Bond Gadgets

Monday, December 2nd, 2002

His movies are legend, his women beautiful, and his toys the best in the world. Whether James Bond is foiling villains in space-age flying machines or eavesdropping on his enemies with ultra-sophisticated spy gear, British Secret Agent 007 is always guaranteed to have the most outrageous and wonderfully creative gadgets ever to grace the silver screen. Bond had it all. But as we see in this exclusive look at his gadgets, it takes a lot to save the world!

More Bond Gadgets

Monday, December 2nd, 2002

He’s everyone’s favorite spy, the man with a woman in every port and a gadget in every pocket! No villain is too strong, no situation too tough for His Majesty’s Secret Agent, thanks to his wits, cunning, and the best toys on the silver screen. History Channel cameras travel from the Arizona desert to the British countryside to find the best Bond gadgets–including amazing footage from inside the cockpit of the world’s smallest jet and rare home movies taken on the underwater set of Thunderball.