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The Test of My Love

Sunday, August 31st, 2008

Miley Cyrus finds that four is a crowd when Trey brings his folks along on their first date. Robbie is forced to take drastic action after Jackson’s messy room takes on a life of its own.

Dangerous Roads

Friday, August 29th, 2008
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open roadopen road

Take a ride along some of the world’s most dangerous roads. From Bolivia’s “Death Road,” to California’s fog-shrouded Highway 99, find the danger that waits behind every blind curve

Ep. 9 | Hulk Hogan, Alanis Morissette, Jamie McMurray

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

For Hulk Hogan, Alanis Morissette and Jamie McMurray, home is a place to chill with family and friends and escape the stress of everyday life. Hulk Hogan’s crib is an 18th century replica of a French farm, complete with floral patterns and colorful decorations. The house has everything a bodybuilder’s family could need, including a kitchen stocked with eggs, a princess room for his daughter, and a luxurious master bedroom. Alanis Morissette’s house is infused with an abundance of Asian influences, sprinkled with altars, statues of Buddha and temple doors. Most of the walls have been removed to create a soothing flow from room to room. NASCAR driver Jamie McMurray’s crib is simple in decoration, with hard wood floors and clean lines in every room. Even with the sweet workout room, and hot master bedroom, Jamie’s favorite place to spend time is by the built-in lake out in his backyard.

Ep. 8 | Marques Houston, Cash Money, Casey Mears

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

Get ready for a tour of three of the country’s hottest bachelor pads, as MTV Cribs takes you inside the homes of Marques Houston, Cash Money Millionaire Baby, and NASCAR driver Casey Mears.

Marques Houston loves the sound of water. Which is why the first thing we see as we enter his house is a built-in waterfall. Marques also loves to eat, so he keeps his cabinets stocked with Cinnamon Toast Crunch and other treats. From the kitchen we are taken upstairs to the trophy room, where Marques houses memorabilia from his proudest accomplishments. Every inch of the room is covered with posters, platinum records, movie costumes and framed pictures. The next stop is the luxurious bedroom, decorated almost entirely in red with candles to set the mood for any potential visitors. Marques turns our attention to his “safe sex condom drawer,” filled with enough supplies to last quite a while, and encourages everyone to invest in one. Before we leave, Marques gives us a peek at his car collection: a Mercedes wagon, a Range Rover and an s600 V12 Mercedes, which he fondly refers to as the “player-mobile”.

On to crib number two: Baby’s place is located right on the beach in downtown Miami. The most striking feature of this condo is the amazing view of the city and beach from nearly every room. It is decorated in a simple style: white walls and furniture with little clutter. First, Baby shows us where he spends most of his time: the living room, where the entertainment center is located. Next we check out the bedroom, where Baby has laid out his collection of Birdman ice and the new Birdman sneakers. Although he doesn’t use it often, Baby gives us a quick look around the kitchen, equipped with a fax so he can handle business even while dining. As he stands on his balcony with the city of Miami stretching out behind him, Baby tells us how proud he is to have come from the projects to such a luxurious life.

Finally, we check out Casey Mears’ bachelor pad, tucked away in North Carolina. The tour opens with Spike, the (almost) anatomically correct dog statue that gets everyone talking. Although Casey likes to relax in the living room, he says the bedroom is where he spends most of his time. So he’s made sure to get the softest bed available, and everyday looks forward to coming home and crashing in it. The next stop is the fun room, complete with pool table and foosball. Various framed pictures lean against the wall to be hung later, including one depicting one of Casey’s craziest crashes. Casey then takes us outside to see his swimming area. The pool, Jacuzzi and waterfall provide the perfect place to unwind after a hard day of racing. Not to be outdone by his fellow bachelors, Casey has a killer car collection of his own: a Dodge Durango and a 1961 Apollo accompany a pair of motorcycles in the front driveway.

Big or small, condo or mansion, these bachelors are all living large on this episode of MTV’s Cribs.

Ep. 7 | Omarion, Ryan Scheckler, Chad Kroeger

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home. In this episode, Omarion, Ryan Scheckler and Chad Kroeger show their modest sides when they open up their Cribs.

For Omarion, home is 2,800 sq. ft. in Los Angeles, CA. His living room is done in first-class style, with sculptures specifically hand-made for display upon his wall. Sleek black leather furniture surrounds his black baby grand piano. When tinkling the ivories makes him thirsty, Omarion turns to his cappuccino/tea/coffee maker for refreshment. His kitchen also has a fridge with a see-through door. Most of his time is spent in his personal movie theater, complete with Burberry carpet and reclining chairs. He rests his head upon a comforter with a crown on it. The crown reappears in the custom design of his cars — a CO 500, with suede interior and custom woodgrain, and a Hummer SUT.

For pro skateboarder Ryan Scheckler, home is crowded. This teenager lives with his family. All family business goes down in the living room. Ryan can tell just how much trouble he’s in by the chair his mom chooses to sit in. His friends fill the home theater room to watch movies like Old School and Happy Gilmore. The kitchen is stocked with Sobe and pre-made pizzas. Ryan even keeps his skateboard wheels in the freezer, to make them last longer. In his room, Ryan keeps memorabilia from his skateboarding heroes and his custom Gibson guitar. He has a leather pull-out couch for when friends crash and his own balcony with an orange tree. His trophies are kept in a separate room. Although his favorite mode of transportation is his skateboard, Ryan has a XR50 dirt bike and a BMW 750 ILV12. His backyard has a pirate ship fort for his younger brother and a skate park that Ryan built with his dad.

For Chad Kroeger of Nickelback, home is nestled in the mountains of Vancouver. His living room has couches as large as queen sized beds, the better to watch movies on. All of his entertainment needs are stored away in the spacious coffee table. The party is in the kitchen. All of the appliances, including the refrigerator, are hidden in cabinet-style paneling. There is lots of counter space, for drinks to be placed and dances to be done. Both the master bedroom and master bathroom offer a view of Vancouver. A party pad isn’t complete without a bar. Chad hangs his gold and platinum records around the pool table. An indoor pool and steam shower are located in the bathroom. The outdoor pool looks like a spring lake, surrounded by mountains. It has a bar inside one of the crags, with a window that looks into the pool. A stable on the grounds was converted into a recording studio, making work a 60 step commute away. While some are addicted to shoes or purses, Chad cannot get enough toys. He owns a ’38 Corvette, Hummer, Prowler and a slew of mountain bikes.

Ep. 6 | Lil Jon, Richard Branson, Bobby Taylor

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

Come and knock on their doors, they’ve been waiting for you. In this episode of Cribs, Lil Jon, Richard Branson and Bobby Taylor show us how they wine and dine their company.

In Lil Jon’s Miami home, most of the action takes place in the recording studio. This particular studio contains a “ghetto vocal booth,” separated from the rest of the room by a standing mattress because some sessions get so rowdy that the bass tilts the pictures in surrounding rooms. The spacious kitchen houses all the elements to create the perfect sandwiches for those late night sessions–a necessity for the East Side Boys. Upstairs in the master bedroom, Lil Jon has the same zebra print rug as collaborator Usher. Whether he’s shooting hoops on his basketball/tennis court or taking in the view on his beach dock, Lil Jon knows how to get low.

For Virgin Music founder Richard Branson, the best way to entertain is on his personal island. Complete with 74 acres and a Balinese spa, the scenic locale is the perfect hideaway from the world. Richard began Virgin Music when he was 18 years old and purchased the island when he was 24. Since then, the house grew as his empire took off. His luscious lifestyle is evident as the gauzy white curtains flow in the slight breeze. The open, spacious house has the room to entertain not only the hottest celebs, but his children’s friends as well. A majority of the house’s 10 bathrooms are wall-less, allowing the user to appreciate the surrounding beauty.

When Seattle Seahawks quarterback Bobby Taylor wants to kick off his cleats, he heads to his Houston, TX home. The 10,000 sq. ft. abode offers ample relaxation. The formal living room is decorated with photos of Bobby’s family. The kitchen is stocked with water, cranberry juice and cookie dough. All of Bobby’s accomplishments are housed in a trophy room with his initial on the floor. Although he loves his bobble-head and pro ball helmet, Bobby’s favorite object in the room is the football he received when his son was born. His son’s room is also prominent in the house. The blue walls are painted with different sports figures. Bobby says his son is blessed to have two beds and hopes to fill the second with another son in the future.

Cribs knows life can’t be all work and no play. For those times when you just want to chill out, tune in to see the stars do the same in their luxurious pads.

Ep. 5 | Lil Wayne, Steve Francis, Antonio Sabato, Jr.

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

Wipe off your feet, because this episode of MTV Cribs will have you walking inside the grand homes of Cash Money Millionaire Lil’ Wayne, Orlando Magic’s Steve Francis, and actor/model Antonio Sabato Jr.

The tour begins with rapper Lil’ Wayne’s fabulous New Orleans digs. The first thing we see is his ultra-posh living room complete with a long, white, stretch sectional sofa reminiscent of gangsta Tony Montana’s in Scarface. His model car collection adds a whimsical touch to the pristine space. If you’re looking for somewhere to crash in New Orleans, you should definitely check out Lil Wayne’s guestroom. With satin sheets on the bed and pictures of Lil’ Wayne himself on the mirror, you’re sure to be comfy. Lil’ Wayne’s five-year-old daughter Reginae also has a nice space in the house. Her room is decorated in the oh-so-cute Dora the Explorer theme. When Lil’ Wayne really wants to get away, he heads off to his “Kick It” room. Purple lighting and a picture of Bob Marley set the cool, laid-back mood for the room. Decadence is the word to describe Lil’ Wayne’s bedroom. Again, the bed is wrapped in satin sheets, and an impressive collection of bling drips from the sides of the nightstand. After taking us around his abode, Lil’ Wayne leads us outside to show us his rides: his amazing Austin Powers “Shaguar” and his big-body Escalade truck.

The next stop on our tour is the Houston, TX home of NBA superstar Steve Francis. They say everything is bigger in Texas, and this baller’s home is no exception. One look at Steve’s massive 10,000 sq. ft. mansion will let you know he can certainly afford to live comfortably. Before we even step foot inside his house, Steve shows us the automobiles he likes to floss on the streets of H-town: a baby blue 1964 Chevy Impala (with hydraulics) and a 2004 Rolls Royce Phantom. Once inside the house, one can see that taste is not something lacking in Steve Francis’ life. His formal living and dining areas are decorated in sumptuous earth tones and exquisite furniture pieces. The feeling of grandeur continues as Steve walks us into his state-of-the-art kitchen. Hmm…Perhaps the best feature of the kitchen is the personal chef who is always ready to serve up Steve’s favorite dishes. Typical of such posh digs, Steve’s bedroom and bathroom are the perfect places for unwinding and relaxing. Steve even admits sometimes he likes to get a little too comfortable and chill naked on his ottoman following his soothing showers! Adding to Steve’s list of luxuries are his in-house barbershop and private theater. The outside of his house is as exquisite as the inside. With a swimming pool (which he has named “Lake Franchise”) and a basketball court (which he has named “Franchise Lane”), Steve’s “playground” is no doubt a very fun place to be.

The final stop is Antonio Sabato Jr.’s cozy Los Angeles spread. The first thing we hit is his pool (complete with waterfalls) and Jacuzzi. Once inside his home, we discover that Antonio’s home is definitely a cozy sanctuary for the super sexy actor. With a flat screen TV and ultra-comfortable furniture, Antonio’s living room is the perfect place for leisure time. Antonio loves to cook, and his kitchen is fully equipped for him to partake in all his favorite culinary activities. With a kitchen stocked with French fries, lasagna, and “enough waffles to last a month or two,” it’s amazing how Antonio stays in such great shape! Going upstairs, we find out what Antonio’s true obsession is: Batman. This guy has an entire wall dedicated to Batman (with pictures, etc.), and original masks from the Batman movie sit on the shelf. Antonio then takes us into his sultry bedroom and shows us the leopard print bed where “everything happens.” In addition to Batman, Antonio also loves cars. Taking us into his garage area, he shows us his Cadillac and his souped-up Porsche Cayenne. Antonio must also have a wild side, because he is the proud owner of a custom-made Batman motorcycle.

Once again MTV Cribs has let you see what it’s like to live in the lap of luxury. Hey…Someday, you might be able to acquire such splendor. Until then, keep your set locked on Cribs, so you can see how the other half lives!

Ep. 4 | Kimberly Stewart, Ty Law, Chad Gilbert

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

Stop your champagne wishing and caviar dreaming! This dose of MTV Cribs is sure to give you the celebrity lifestyle fix you’ve been so desperately craving. In this episode, we get the grand tours of the homes of Kimberly (daughter of Rod) Stewart, New England Patriots star Ty Law, and New Found Glory’s Chad Gilbert.

Model and designer Kimberly Stewart kicks off this episode by giving us the tour of the spacious Los Angeles home she shares with her rocker dad Rod. First, she walks us through her exquisite bedroom located in the guest quarters of the house. Decorated in the feminine shabby-chic style, Kimberly’s digs are truly befitting for a rock princess. Next, Kimberly takes us “across the street” to the main house. Boasting a whopping 23,500 square feet, 11 bedrooms, and 15 bathrooms, one could say with assurance the Stewarts are living well. One thing is for sure–you probably won’t catch her sitting next to you in the theater anytime soon. Why not? She can watch all her favorite flicks in the house’s decked-out private screening room. If she should ever tire of watching movies all day long, Kimberly can go outside and catch some rays in her beautiful garden complete with a romantic waterfall staircase and swimming pool. Since nobody walks in L.A., Kimberly can get around town in style in her fabulous Escalade truck. She also shows off her dad’s candy-red Lamborghini and classic Ferrari.

The next crib we peep is the fabulous Florida home of New England Patriots player Ty Law. Not one for modesty, Ty throws us immediately into his cushy lifestyle by showcasing his many cars. His toys include his Mercedes SL55, his customized Ford F1 “Tizzy,” and his tony Rolls Royce Phantom. Next, he welcomes us inside his poshly-decorated house. His living room is quite the cozy space, and it features some amazing artwork. One is obviously never enough for this playa, as his spacious kitchen has two ovens and two dishwashers. Next, Ty takes us into the “Look But Don’t Touch” room which has a waterfall and a coffee table that was fashioned from the inside of a jet airplane. After playing hard in football games, Ty has a few options when he needs to chill out. He can relax in his ultra-comfortable master bedroom, or he can entertain himself (and all his friends) in his private theater. If he’s not feelin’ that, he can steal away to his secret garden and take a dip in his pool or hang out in his tiki hut. Surely, if all else fails, he can just head off to his hidden hot tub which he has appropriately named the Chocolate Factory.

The last crib we see in this episode is that of New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert. His sunny Los Angeles pad is reflective of his rock star taste. Chad quickly shows us his fun side by unveiling his prized DVD collection. The Sopranos, Harry Potter, old episodes of Saved by the Bell–you name it, he’s got it. Next, we follow Chad into his stainless-steel kitchen. Typical of a true bachelor, Chad definitely gets more use out of his microwave and George Foreman grill than his oven. We then get a peek at the room in his house that doubles as an office and “toy” room. Perhaps while balancing his checkbook, he likes to take breaks and play with his many action figures from movies like Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Chad is a devoted Bjork fan, and this is evidenced by the framed lithograph of her that hangs on his bedroom wall. Next, Chad takes us to his music room where he and his band mates like to write songs and have jam sessions. This room also houses his extensive record collection which includes many limited-edition versions of his fave records.

Ahhhhh…It must be nice to live in the lap of luxury, right? Well, if you can’t live like a star, at least you can see how a star lives, thanks to MTV Cribs! Keep tuned for the next installment…

Ep. 3 | Hanson, Torrie Wilson, Roy Williams

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

In this episode, we peek inside the fabulous homes of Hanson’s Zac and Isaac, SmackDown!’s gorgeous Torrie Wilson, and Roy Williams of the Dallas Cowboys.

Boasting 4,000 square feet, the ritzy home of Hanson brothers Zac and Isaac is truly a New York City gem. Decorated in warm tones and rich textures, the boys’ space is definitely a great place to chill during their downtime. The ladies should know that the boys love using the classic stove in their spacious kitchen to cook up all kinds of dishes such as pot roasts, biscuits, and tiramisu. However, such decadence never shows up on their bods, because they burn off all those calories on their state-of-the-art treadmill.

Next, the lovely Torrie Wilson gives us the private tour of her Mediterranean-style home in Tampa, FL. While showing off her comfy Jacuzzi tub, Torrie mentions that it gives her a perfect view of watching her husband shower. Since Torrie works hard, she definitely loves to play hard. This is not a problem for her, since her home boasts an oversized indoor pool and a boat docked in the water right next to the house. Perhaps the most prized possession in Torrie’s home is her coveted Golden Thong Award.

Finally, we get a look into the amazing lifestyle of football star Roy Williams. With four bedrooms and five bathrooms, space is something definitely not lacking in Williams’ Dallas, TX house. As typical for a true baller, Roy’s living room, bathroom, and bedroom all reflect his expensive taste. Also, as if a game room full of diversions and private theater weren’t enough, Roy’s driveway has a BMW and two (yes two) Range Rovers. Now, this truly redefines the phrase “ballin out of control.” Interested parties, please note that Roy announces that he is very single.

Once again, MTV Cribs has shown the world what it’s really like to live like a star. Keep tuned, because you definitely don’t want to miss the next episode.

Ep. 2 | David Banner, Maroon 5, Matt Hoffman

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

Cribs is back at it again, taking us all over to the hottest homes of the coolest celebrities. Check in as we visit the ultimate bachelor pads of David Banner, the boys from Maroon 5, and the phat mansion of BMX pro, Matt Hoffman.

David Banner sure knows how to pimp his digs, with his beautifully decorated, 1600 square foot, 4 bedroom, 5 bathroom crib, located in Jackson Mississippi. Banner relaxes by his 3 acre lake where he can kick back and pass some time feeding his catfish. He spends most of his time in his pool-house/studio/Jacuzzi room hanging with his friends. And, when he’s in the mood to go out on the town, he hits it up with his black Escalade or Dodge Viper.

Next, Adam Levine and Mickey Madden from Maroon 5 show us around their 1100 square foot Los Angeles, California bachelor pad. This awesome, sun-drenched palace includes 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a courtyard. Adam and Mickey host some rockin’ parties here, bringing out the Scrabble, and blending up some delicious mimosas from Champagne and orange juice. This house isn’t quite completed yet, but the newest additions are plenty of Beatles artwork and photos.

Later, Cribs rolls down to Edmond, Oklahoma where we crash the pad of BMX pro, Matt Hoffman. Matt shares this 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom play pad with his wife and two kids. He takes us around his digs to admire the pictures he has of his biking adventures. Matt even has one photo of himself jumping off a cliff while still on a bike. This crib also holds a billiard room, and a ramp room where he can practice his signature BMX stunts. While Matt lets off some steam in his ramp room, the rest of his family gets to relax out by the luxurious pool.

Well, now that we’ve crashed the cribs of David Banner, Maroon 5 and Matt Hoffman, its time to wrap up this latest episode of MTV Cribs. Check in next time when we raid some more awesome houses.