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Insects are the best way of preserving life on our planet. Some 225 million years ago, hexapods were the first living creatures to breathe oxygen, walk on the ground and fly in the air. What’s more, some insects were so perfectly designed from Day One that they have remained virtually unchanged.

While showing us the wonderful panoramas of the great Venezuelan Savannah, entomologist Georges Brossard also reveals why and how insects have become the champions of evolution.

First of all, insects are time masters. They are the oldest animals. If conditions are not favourable, they can even enter into diapause, go into a dormancy state or stop time.

Since they are so small, insects have multiplied the available space around them. A leaf becomes a vast pasture, a tree a gigantic building. A single water drop quenches their thirst while a measly crumb of bread feeds them.

Insects can adapt to environmental changes thousands of times faster than us. During a human’s lifetime, simple aphids will produce 400 generations!

Nothing can illustrate their adaptability better than the discovery of insects at the top of Venezuela’s inaccessible tepuis, the tabletop mountains located in an isolated region of the country, on the south-eastern side of the Orinico River. Right in the middle of these inhospitable rock formations, Georges Brossard introduces us to a brand-new life form: an undersea grasshopper!

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