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Real World | Ep. 1 | Brooklyn Bridging

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

It’s time for another set of strangers to meet on MTV’s Real World. This time we’re bringing it to Brooklyn where the eight roommates will settle down in Red Hook and experience the real New York City.

From Gettysburg, PA, there’s 23-year-old Army veteran Ryan who has just returned from Iraq. In West Palm Beach, FL, Katelynn is a 24-year-old average girl who also just happens to be transgender.

Salt Lake City native Chet is a 23-year-old Mormon who is looking for adventure in Brooklyn. Devyn is a 20-year-old pageant queen from Kansas City who wants to be taken seriously despite her model looks. Baya comes to New York City from Salt Lake City in hopes of pursuing a dance career.

California girl Sarah is 22-year-old tattooed beauty and JD from Miami Beach who is looking for a new Brooklyn family after surviving a rough childhood. Personal trainer Scott hails from Salem, NH, and this Brooklyn experience could be his ticket to a modeling career.

Chet and Devyn are the first to arrive at the Red Hook residence and are eager to check out the huge space equipped with Rock Band, plenty of food and the popular communal bathroom. Devyn admits to Chet that her first impression of him was that he could be gay, but he says that he’s definitely straight.

The rest of the roommates show up at the house and they realize that this season there will be eight strangers instead of the usual seven. The roommates unpack and settle into their new Brooklyn home as they start to open up about themselves in hot tub.

The guys start to talk about how they feel that Katelynn may be different but they’re not positive if she is a transgender or not. Meanwhile, the girls are still fascinated with Scott’s toned abs that he reveals in the hot tub.

After Katelynn dishes the dirt on her past sexual experiences, the roommates are getting more curious about whether or not she is a transgender.

The roommates head out into the streets of Brooklyn to soak up all that the city has to offer. A night out in the club, the group gets invited into the VIP lounge but Ryan is drinking heavily and starts to worry JD. The next morning, Ryan opens to Sarah about his military experience and how he’s handled his transition from Iraq to the Unites States.

Once Ryan starts to open up about being in the army, he shares some of his music with Chet that he wrote in Iraq. Then the two start to bond about how they feel about others in the house. When JD and Katelynn decide to go out to dinner alone, Chet and Ryan become suspicious about the reason why they’re becoming so close. JD admits to Ryan that he’s gay but tells Ryan and Chet to give Katelynn time to come out to the house.

When JD takes Katelynn out to dinner, Katelynn opens up about being a transgender. The two talk about how hard it was for them to come out and bond over being different from the rest of the roommates.

The strangers may just be starting to get to know one another now that they’re settled down in Brooklyn, but this Real World season is full of secrets, drama, and hook-ups to take the Big Apple by storm.

Real World: Brooklyn

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

Real World Brooklyn
Coney Island. Prospect Park. Trendy bars full of hipsters. Brooklyn, NY, has got it all. And The Real World is about to touch down and shake the borough up by throwing eight — yes, eight — strangers in a house together in one of the hippest neighborhoods in the world. As they live together, The Real World roommates discover other cultures and lifestyles and learn what kind of person they are — and want to become.

This time, though, rather than band together for a job or activity, each will pursue their own individual dreams. From being an entertainer to volunteering to making films to modeling, the eight roomies are about to find out if they can cut it when it comes to reaching their goals.

The Real World: Brooklyn brings together eight different personalities from all walks of life who are ready to explore NYC and hopefully make new friends along the way. But when they stop being polite and start getting real, they wind up learning about each other, discovering themselves and going down paths they never dreamed of.

Unleash the drama! As always, when Real Worlders come together, first impressions are everything — some will be instant BFFs while others will be left out in the cold. But no matter how things unfold, there’s definitely going to be plenty of eyebrow-raising antics, and fierce fights.

As the roommates lives collide, their values will be challenged and their true feelings will be exposed. Conflicts will arise, and friendships will be made. Yes, living in Brooklyn just got a little bit more interesting…

Cast | Sarah

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

Real World Brooklyn Sarah
From San Francisco, Sarah may look like another tattooed punk but under her ink is a passionate woman with an intense past. Rising from a traumatic upbringing where she was the victim of sexual abuse, the 22-year-old has dedicated herself to educating and advocating for sexually abused men and women. She has recently met and fell in love with her boyfriend after being set up by her mother. Until now, all of Sarah’s relationships have been with women.