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Windy City Tornado

Wednesday, July 12th, 2006

Chicago is known as the “Windy City”, but many believe a tornado can’t strike a downtown filled with massive high-rise skyscrapers. It’s a dangerous misconception. In 1967, a destructive high-speed tornado screamed along a 16-mile path through the south Chicago suburb of Oak Lawn and all the way to Lake Michigan. Had the path been just 10 miles to the north, the twister would have punched its way right into the Loop. The city’s emergency officials say it bluntly: “Chicago is at high risk for tornadoes.” In 1967, 33 people died. In the future, how many more will be at risk? Will the city’s skyscrapers survive? It happened before, it can happen again.

Tornado Alley Twister

Sunday, June 1st, 2003

What would happen if an F5 tornado tore though Dallas, Texas.